Engine 552 Arrives

2014 Pierce Impel

As most are aware E551’s sister has arrived. E551 was well received by the Firefighters. In turn, the City of Euless decided to build another engine to match. Both E551 and E552 are essentially the same engine with only very few minor differences. The differences in the 2 engines are placement of scene lights and a different 1500gpm pump. E552 was built In Appleton, Wisconsin by Pierce manufacturing during the fall of 2014. E552 has many of the newest technologies that will assist our firefighters. Some of these technologies are a command zone which serves the driver with detailed information regarding how the truck is operating, what doors are open, and an integrated backup camera for added safety while backing. E552 has a black box installed on it similar to what is on an airplane. The data pulled from the black box includes: speed, number of persons in seatbelts, braking, whether the Jake Brake is on/off, just to name a few. E552 maneuverability is second to none. It has the sharpest turn radius of any fire truck on the market today. E552 is also a pleasure to ride in due to the TAK4 independent front wheel suspension. E552 boasts a 1500 gallon per minute Hale pump, 750 gallon on board water tank, and a husky 3 direct injection foam system. E552 was placed in front line service in early 2015.