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Euless Firefighters for Responsible Government

The Euless Firefighters for responsible government political action committee (PAC) was established in 2014 to promote local legislation that protects and benefits the citizens and firefighters of Euless. Euless Firefighter’s PAC is funded separately from the Euless Firefighters association through both member and outside donations.

We must support those who support public safety!

It is our responsibility to educate both the voters and the elected officials about the public safety issues that face the citizens and our front line members. We feel it necessary to be involved in the political process whenever public safety and firefighter issues are being deliberated.

Euless Firefighters for responsible government proudly supported the following candidates:

  • Euless Mayor – Linda Martin
  • Councilman – Jeremy Tompkins
  • Councilman – Perry Bynum
  • Councilman – Harry Zimmer